Critical Thinking, Science Outreach and Juggling

Magic, Mystery and the Search for Truth:

     Dezrah is passionate about the truth, which is pretty surprising for a professional liar. This lecture/show demonstrates how charlatans and cons use the art of magic to convince the public that they have "supernatural" powers. Dezrah demonstrates telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis and extreme physical stunts all while encouraging critical thinking and the scientific method when investigating any incredible claims. 

Everyone Can Juggle:

     It's true! Everyone can juggle! In over 10 years of experience teaching juggling to everyone from day campers to senior citizens, Dezrah has seen the amazing transformation that comes over his students when they realize that they can juggle. Juggling enhances hand-eye co-ordination and is a fantastic way to build deserved self-confidence. It should be a part of every school's PE program.

Dezrah's class is a fun, relaxed and safe place where everyone can learn at their own pace. Available as one hour-long introductory lesson with follow up plans available for your PE teachers, or simply have Dezrah come in as a guest teacher for the week!

Also available, a "Teach the Teachers" workshop.  Have your staff learn how to juggle and then, how to pass their knowledge on to their own students.

Science with Sledgehammers:

     Coming soon: a show where Dezrah does all the dangerous demos that your insurance won't let you do. He walks on broken glass, lies on a bed of nails and breaks cinder blocks on his chest. All for your entertainment and to demonstrate physical concepts such as conservation of momentum, inertia and pressure. Debuting Fall '12