Dezrah The Strange vs. First Night Worcester!

     I'm very happy to announce that I'm one of the featured performers for First Night Worcester 2014! This is a huge honor and I'm very excited to be a part of my hometown's biggest celebration. 

     It's going to be a family-friendly show, (So don't worry, no nails in the nose this time), but it'll still be my show, so expect some weirdness. It's going to be at the Epworth United Methodist Church on 64 Salisbury St, Worcester, at 6pm. 

     You can get a button which will allow you access to my show and more than 30 other performances at the locations listed here:

You can download the program, and a full schedule of events here.

     Thank you to everyone for your support all these years, and I hope to see you there. 


Announcing: Summer Sundays Super Savings!

I have had it with Living Social, Group On, etc. As a vendor, I take a huge hit, and as a customer, it cheapens the relationship between us. 

So forget the teaser offers, or the "first one's free" dealer model. 

I'll make it simple. Starting this weekend through August. If you book me for a Sunday Show, it's only $100. Period. You want an hour of close-up magic for your wedding reception? $100. You want an amazing demonstration of critical thinking for your youth group? $100. You want an hour of tableside magic for your restaurant? $100. You want an adult birthday party you'll never forget? $100 You want to see a man get hit by a sledgehammer, for your own amusement? $100. You want an opener for your band? $100. Street magic to attract customers to your garage sale? $100. 

You get the idea. 

This is less than half of what I usually charge for my shows, but I want you to have the chance to see what I do, without relying on the "marketing savvy" of scam artists. This is for YOU, my friends, fans and family.

Thank you for your support. 

Dezrah The Strange, performing for you, anywhere* $100. 

Let's talk.

*If I have to drive more than an hour, we'll have to talk transportation costs. 

Dezrah's Super Big Football game predictions. 2014

Inspired by a family game, here are my predictions for the big game: 


Final score will be 14-0 For the Seahawks, making it the lowest scoring Superbowl in history. 

The coin toss will get caught by the wind, and the commemorative coin will get lost in the grass, causing the officials to ask if "anyone has some spare change, a quarter, nickel? Anyone?"

Peyton Manning will receive a career-ending injury before halftime, not serious, but enough to make him decide to retire...until next season where he will get picked up by the Raiders. 

Keith Olberman will say something snarky exactly as many times as Bruno Mars says "girl".

Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will have a "wardrobe malfunction on par with Janet Jackson's ill-fated Superbowl performance, but no one will care. It's Flea.

At least 2 commercials will have a "steampunk" element to them, making analysts declare that the hot new trend for 2014 is beige and brass. 

Marshawn Lynch will break down in a post-game interview, unburdening himself and tearfully admitting, "I promised myself I wouldn't cry, i kept it all inside because I knew that once I started talking the tears would start flowing, and then..." Lynch will continue to ramble as the press core quietly starts packing up and leaving. One lone cameraman from the BBC will be left awkwardly trying to interrupt, "That's very good, Mr Lynch, but I do need to catch my flight.."

Dezrah Vs. Icarus

One of my favorite things about being a performer is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people. One of my favorite things about being a magician is playing with the concepts of belief and evidence, truth and fiction, so I am thrilled to work with the cast and crew of "Liars and Believers" on their new show "Icarus".

I'll be one of the opening acts on the May 18th show, tickets are still available at:

Hope to see you there!

Magic vs. Tricks

I don't know that I'll ever do this, it's more of a thought experiment inspired by Jamie Grant's "Impossible Bottles"  (Although if anyone ever wants to buy me a few of these, I'll happily add this routine to my show.)

The magician introduces a corked glass bottle, with a sealed deck of cards inside. He explains that the deck was opened, randomly shuffled and resealed. There is obviously no way for anyone to alter the card order at this point.

The magician Introduces a second, matching deck in new deck order. The spectator is invited to shuffle the deck and place it back in it's original box.

The Effect? Simple: the card order inside the bottle exactly matches the order of the deck shuffled by the spectator.

However, to experience the finale of the trick, the spectator has to choose to ruin the magic of the impossible object.

Is the "satisfaction" of resolving the plot of the trick worth ruining a truly magical object? Does the deck inside truly match the order of the deck outside? Is it worth sacrificing an impossible object to experience a momentary miracle? 

Leave the deck and the bottle with the spectator. They'll have the rest of their life to decide. 


The New is Here!

Since you're reading this, you've found the brand new I've been working on this for a bit, and there are still changes to be made, but I was so excited, I just had to take it live NOW!

So stick around, explore, let me know what you think!

Thanks for your support and keep checking in for news and other very cool things to come!

Want to be a part of showbiz? GIVE ME YOUR UMBRELLAS!

I just got booked for a very exciting show in Boston for an amazing venue that I've never performed at. I got the gig based on a spec idea for a routine I don't do yet. This is terrifying and when I'm terrified, I do my best work. ;) 

The real, practical problem is that I need about 12 umbrellas (long, classic style, not mini/collapsible style) and I don't have the resources to buy a bunch of brand new umbrellas. So, if you (or someone you know) has old, unused, ugly or otherwise unnecessary umbrellas lying around, let's talk. I need them ASAP. 

They don't have to work, they can be torn or damaged, as long as they are the long kind (30" or so). 

If you have a large amount of them, I can probably pay some amount. I will, of course, come pick them up and if I use any of your umbrellas, I will thank you profusely on the internet and send you pics (and vids if possible) of your donations in action. 

Be a part of showbiz! SEND ME YOUR UMBRELLAS! 

Dezrah The Strange vs. "Meet The Skeptics"

I was honored to be a guest on Chris Brown's "Meet The Skeptics". It's a long-form interview show that has hosted James Randi, Micheal Shermer, Blake Smith, Brian Brushwood and more of skepticism's leading lights and heroes of mine. 

So I'm thrilled, excited and terrified that he had me on the show and it's live for you to listen to at:

Listen, enjoy, share. I may be hosting a Google+ meetup later if there's enough interest. 

Thank you!

How (and Why) To Build Your Own Bed of Nails

This is the slideshow from the presentation I have at SkeptiCamp NH on Oct 22nd, 2011. 

This is for the use of attendees and professional performers ONLY!!!

Do not attempt to build or use a bed of nails without competent supervision and instruction. 

You have been warned. 

(Apparently the slideshow player doesn't work on IE, so here's the direct link:



If you have any questions, etc. Leave them in the comments below or use the e-mail form to the left. Thanks!

Dezrah The Strange needs your help!

This is Tardis Jr.

He has been an invaluable companion and had become an integral part of the creative and communications reboot that I’ve been working on. Sadly, TJ passed away this weekend due to poor care from his previous owner and some unknown power fault. In the short time he’s been on the Dezrah Magic team, he has become an invaluable asset. He will be sorely missed.

Since I’m a stay-at-home dad, waiter and college student, I don’t have the liquid capital to purchase a replacement and TJ is beyond repair. So far, this is the typical 1st world non-problem that you’ve probably heard 1,000 times.

Here’s the difference. I’m a magican, escape artist, sideshow performer and not a half bad one at that. I’m also a believer in creative solutions. So here’s the deal: If you have a decent (Win7 capable or SnowLeopard+) laptop that you don’t use or are thinking of replacing, I will come to your home, office, Halloween Party, Bar Mitzvah, block party, wedding, lecture, PowerPoint presentation and/or parole hearing and perform for you.

I’ll do close-up for you, my stage show, or if you have something else in mind, I’m open. I’ll travel pretty much anywhere in New England, but long-distances (50+ miles from Worcester) will need some extra planning.

So if you’re interested in having your own personal geek magician on call and have some spare tech lying around, contact me at or leave a comment on this post. Thank you for your support and please spread the word!



Tardis Jr, RIP…(or get donated to TESLA...)

Dezrah The Strange vs. Brian Brushwood?

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Friend and magic mentor Brian Brushwood just posted a new episode of his show "Scam School" on Revision3. If you haven't seen it, it's a fantastic series that shows you bar bets, short cons and tricks that you can use to scam and/or impress your friends. It's also a ninja-sneaky way to rope people into magic. 

Anyways, in the latest episode, he teaches the classic Rope Handcuffs trick and gives yours truly a plug at the end. So do me (and yourselves) a favor. Go watch the episode here or on YouTube and leave a comment saying how much you love the show. Even better, leave an iTunes review for "Scam School" if you're a subscriber!

2011 - The year of Dezrah The Strange?

Wow, it has been awhile since I updated here, but here's a quick rundown of the past few months:

Most recently I was a featured performer at Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys' "SteamCrunk Lounge" as part of Boston's First Night 2011 festivities. There's a great review here

November brought the end of my 6-month residency at the Piccadilly Pub in Marlboro. I had a great time there and it was unexpectedly rewarding to be able to say that I was a professional magician again. 

In September and October, I was part of an 8-week engagement as a street performer outside the American Repertory Theatre's production of "Cabaret" starring Amanda Palmer. Not only did I get to meet some fantastic fellow performers, due to the generosity of a fellow Amanda Palmer fan on Twitter, I got VIP tickets to the show and got to perform one of my pet routines for AFP herself! All in all, it was an amazing creative and learning experience. Thank you so much to Director Steven Bogart, everyone at ART and of course, the fantastic folks at The Oberon for letting the weirdness happen. 

Next up: a very exciting opportunity that I can't talk about yet. Suffice to say, it will be one of the most intimidating audiences I've ever had, only because I'm an admirer of so many of the potential audience members. Check back here, or better yet, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for up to the minute details!


Dezrah The Strange vs. Amanda Palmer!!!

It's true, it's true! After weeks of frantic e-mails, wishing, hoping, planning and stressing, I was accepted as pre-show entertainment for Amanda Palmer's "Cabaret" produced by Harvard's ART!

I first heard about it on Amanda Palmer's Twitter feed where she put out a call for street performers and other ne'er do-wells to help build ambiance before the show. On a "why the hell not?" sort of urge, I responded to her and miraculously she gave me the e-mail of the Asst't director. 

After a little back-and-forth determining what would be appropriate for the space (glass walking out, street-magic in!) I was invited to join other potential performers at an audition last night. I was up against some serious (and seriously talented) character actors and artists including a drunken ex-pat opera singer, a conscripted Polish WWI veteran/Cubist caricaturist, a two-person, one puppet dirty old man, a beautiful bronze living statue and Meff and JoJo's Tiny Instrument Revue!

I performed a little forkbending, my bastardized 2-cup version of the cups and balls, Sankey's Paperclipped and closed with my "match trick" that now incorporated the animated matchbook. I got gasps and applause in all the right places and my "mistakes" were bought hook, line and sinker. I've never actually auditioned for anything, certainly not for something as amazing and edgy as AFP and ART's "Cabaret". I was terrified the entire time and my nerves showed, but I have to say that the past few months at the Piccadilly have really tightened my routines and burned the moves into my brain. I was able to just be there in the moment and forget about the mechanics. 

Nerves aside, I think my set went well, but considering the character and type of performances we all saw that night, I was concerned that I wouldn't really fit in with what they wanted. I knew for sure that I wouldn't be hearing from them and was just grateful for the opportunity to audition. It turns out that I was wrong, HOORAY!!! Apparently my strategy of meta-weirdness, (being the most normal person in a room full of weirdos in turn makes one the weirdest person in the room), is paying off. 

So now I'm just waiting for the details of my schedule and rehearsals, but the hard part is done. I've been paying my dues at the restaurant, getting my chops up, took a chance and somehow fell ass-backwards into awesomeness! 

So, if you, or anyone you know is in Cambridge in the next 6 weeks, stop on by (and bring money)! I'll be outside the theater, so you don't even have to have tickets to some see me! Of course, you should really, really, REALLY see "Cabaret" but act fast, shows are selling out left and right. 

What a week!!!

Had an amazing week of magic, 1st of all I had my regular gig at The Piccadilly Pub, then on Friday Night, we continued our bi-weekly experiment with "DisIllusioned: Not Your Kid's Magic Show" by featuring DANNY HUSTLE!!! 

He was an amazing performer and very generous with his time and advice for fledgling magi like myself. Wonderful guy with a fantastic stage presence. 

Finally I debuted my first large scale illusion at the "Bent Wit Cabaret" with the help of the lovely and talented, Karin Webb. It was a blast and working with such talented people really inspires me to become a better performer. Go to the "videos" page to see a sample of what you missed. ;) 

There's more magic coming, so stay tuned here for more updates. 

"Why Me?" Fundraiser


How can you get a great meal, good entertainment, win prizes and help kids with cancer? Come to "Serve It Up for Why Me". 

On May 19th, 2010 Local magicians Dezrah The Strange, Frank Damelio, Jason Kallio and Tony Sherman, as well as The Worcester Firefighters and all three Worcester 99 Restaurants are joining forces for the 2nd year in a row to raise money for "Why Me" and Sherry's house. 

All tips and 15% of sales from all three Worcester 99's will be donated to "Why Me". The local magic community will be pitching in to provide entertainment at all three locations and there will be silent auctions, raffles and prizes for everyone. 

For more details go to: or call any of the Worcester 99 Restaurants. For a .pdf poster you can hang anywhere go to:

Thank you in advance for your support!

New videos!!!

Thanks to The Human Floor (Pete Tino) I've gotten some video of recent performances. If you'd like to see them, you can go to the "video" section of this page, or better yet, check out my YouTube Channel.