Want to be a part of showbiz? GIVE ME YOUR UMBRELLAS!

I just got booked for a very exciting show in Boston for an amazing venue that I've never performed at. I got the gig based on a spec idea for a routine I don't do yet. This is terrifying and when I'm terrified, I do my best work. ;) 

The real, practical problem is that I need about 12 umbrellas (long, classic style, not mini/collapsible style) and I don't have the resources to buy a bunch of brand new umbrellas. So, if you (or someone you know) has old, unused, ugly or otherwise unnecessary umbrellas lying around, let's talk. I need them ASAP. 

They don't have to work, they can be torn or damaged, as long as they are the long kind (30" or so). 

If you have a large amount of them, I can probably pay some amount. I will, of course, come pick them up and if I use any of your umbrellas, I will thank you profusely on the internet and send you pics (and vids if possible) of your donations in action. 

Be a part of showbiz! SEND ME YOUR UMBRELLAS!