Dezrah's Super Big Football game predictions. 2014

Inspired by a family game, here are my predictions for the big game: 


Final score will be 14-0 For the Seahawks, making it the lowest scoring Superbowl in history. 

The coin toss will get caught by the wind, and the commemorative coin will get lost in the grass, causing the officials to ask if "anyone has some spare change, a quarter, nickel? Anyone?"

Peyton Manning will receive a career-ending injury before halftime, not serious, but enough to make him decide to retire...until next season where he will get picked up by the Raiders. 

Keith Olberman will say something snarky exactly as many times as Bruno Mars says "girl".

Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will have a "wardrobe malfunction on par with Janet Jackson's ill-fated Superbowl performance, but no one will care. It's Flea.

At least 2 commercials will have a "steampunk" element to them, making analysts declare that the hot new trend for 2014 is beige and brass. 

Marshawn Lynch will break down in a post-game interview, unburdening himself and tearfully admitting, "I promised myself I wouldn't cry, i kept it all inside because I knew that once I started talking the tears would start flowing, and then..." Lynch will continue to ramble as the press core quietly starts packing up and leaving. One lone cameraman from the BBC will be left awkwardly trying to interrupt, "That's very good, Mr Lynch, but I do need to catch my flight.."