Announcing: Summer Sundays Super Savings!

I have had it with Living Social, Group On, etc. As a vendor, I take a huge hit, and as a customer, it cheapens the relationship between us. 

So forget the teaser offers, or the "first one's free" dealer model. 

I'll make it simple. Starting this weekend through August. If you book me for a Sunday Show, it's only $100. Period. You want an hour of close-up magic for your wedding reception? $100. You want an amazing demonstration of critical thinking for your youth group? $100. You want an hour of tableside magic for your restaurant? $100. You want an adult birthday party you'll never forget? $100 You want to see a man get hit by a sledgehammer, for your own amusement? $100. You want an opener for your band? $100. Street magic to attract customers to your garage sale? $100. 

You get the idea. 

This is less than half of what I usually charge for my shows, but I want you to have the chance to see what I do, without relying on the "marketing savvy" of scam artists. This is for YOU, my friends, fans and family.

Thank you for your support. 

Dezrah The Strange, performing for you, anywhere* $100. 

Let's talk.

*If I have to drive more than an hour, we'll have to talk transportation costs.