"Dezrah dazzled the crowd with his abilities -- from having a cinder block broken on his chest by a sledge hammer while resting on a bed of nails to guessing precisely what was on an audience member's mind...He was personable and enthusiastic in all of my dealings with him. I would most certainly hire him again and recommend him highly to others."

-Micheal DeDora, director of CFI’s Office of Public Policy

"Dezrah Magic provides a mind-boggling and mystifying magic experience for audiences. I have worked with Dezrah on several occasions and he has always catered the performance to the audience for which he performed. His act includes charm and wit that engages and entertains. Every time that I have worked with Dezrah the audience has been thrilled ... and terrified. I will hire Dezrah Magic again in the future."  

-Pastor Scott Cousineau


"Dezrah is a dynamic performer, who grabs and audience and holds their fascination for his whole set. Dezrah has great customer focus, helpful and flexible and offers a great product and a great price."

-Tony Sherman, professional magician


"...set-up time was expertly and oddly filled by various performers such as Dezrah The Strange (and he was). Extremely twisted and off-kilter magic acts and curious spectacles (his “psychic surgery” on a hapless audience volunteer, pulling bloody ‘oddities’ from her extremities, was especially bizarre, disturbing, and hilarious."

-Julie Stoller, The Boston Survival Guide 


“After witnessing one of Dezrah's performances first hand he has great showmanship and delivery skills that makes for an excellent performance. He has a great sense of timing and humor that makes the performances of his tricks extraordinary to watch. I highly recommend Dezrah and his work, you will not be disappointed by attending one of his shows.” 

-Theodore Gaudette, Inside Sales Representative, Bluesocket


“I've seen Dezrah perform multiple times informally and once in a full length show and have never seen the same trick twice. His show's have some moments that will leave you completely bewildered and amazed - sometimes even frustrated at how impossible you *know* the feat he just accomplished is. Through it all, Dezra delivers with a keen sense of timing and wry / dry wit that is extremely entertaining. His show is highly recommended!” 

-Jim Rutherford hired Dezrah as a Magic / Entertainment in 2007


“As a veteran professional magician myself, I have had the opportunity to refer work to Dezrah. His magic and professionalism are certainly noteworthy. Clients working with Dezrah will be treated with exceptional customer care and will get a show that will amaze and entertain. Two thumbs up for Dezrah!” 

-Frank Damelio, President, Target Intellect


“Dezrah’s great gift is to reach out to audiences with the truth....It is a fascinating experience to watch him and come to understand the ways performers can trick audiences.”

-Rev. Dr. Thomas R. McKibbens, First Baptist Church